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“Employees who get the opportunity to continually develop are twice as likely to say they will spend their career with their company.” 

Gallup, Inc. Research Findings

Successful organizations rely on employees to keep businesses optimized.  In order to provide the greatest value – to customers, members, patients, or simply the bottom line – employees must have access to information that is practical and time-tested. 

Professional development that includes accredited education produces many significant benefits.

  • Employee pride.Employees are energized working together and are proud to share their professional credentials and expertise in areas that are critical to the business.
  • Customer satisfaction.Patients, clients, and customers find employee interactions more impressive, reassuring, and persuasive.
  • Brand loyalty.Organizations experience an increase in employee engagement and customer favorability ratings.
  • Revenue growth.Repeat business and low turnover saves organizations time and money.

Excite Employees, Reduce Turnover, and Increase the Bottom Line

Advantages to New England College

For 70 years New England College has connected with students to discover and match personal and professional goals with academic readiness. 

  • Customizable Programs.Entire certificates, degrees, and courses can be industry-specific and made to accommodate organizational and professional development objectives.
  • Flexible & Convenient Delivery. Materials and faculty expertise is brought to students either at the workplace or online.
  • Veteran Faculty. Students learn from practitioners and scholars who have adopted a unique, hands-on approach to teaching.
  • On-the-Job Application.Adult learners gain knowledge and skills that are immediately and appropriately applied to real world situations.
  • NEASC Accredited & Successfully Non-Profit.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

Partnership Benefits

  • Co-Branded Undergraduate, Graduate, Certificate, Workshop, and Professional Development Seminars
  • Collaborative Tailoring of Programs
  • Onsite Promotion & Admission Open Houses
  • Discounted Tuition
  • Academic Authenticity
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